Free Kittens Near Me 2020

Free Kittens Near Me 2020

Free Kittens Near Me 2020

Free Kittens Near Me 2020: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Feline Companion


Bringing a furry friend into your life is a rewarding and joyous experience. However, the cost of acquiring a kitten from a breeder or pet store can be substantial. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to find free kittens near you in 2020. This guide will delve into all the possible avenues, from local shelters and rescue organizations to online adoption platforms and community resources. Whether you seek a playful companion for your children or a cuddly lap cat to curl up with, this article will empower you with the knowledge to find the perfect kitten for free.

Local Animal Shelters

Animal shelters are a primary source for adopting free kittens. These facilities provide care and shelter to stray, abandoned, and unwanted animals. Many shelters have a dedicated kitten room where you can interact with adorable kittens awaiting their forever homes. The adoption process typically involves filling out an application, providing references, and paying a nominal fee to cover spaying or neutering and vaccinations.

Non-Profit Rescue Organizations

Rescue organizations are dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned and stray animals. They often specialize in specific breeds or medical needs. Many rescue organizations offer free kittens for adoption, or charge a small adoption fee to support their operations. Thoroughly research the organization before adopting to ensure they prioritize animal welfare and have a positive reputation.

Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet

Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet are online platforms that connect pet adoption seekers with shelters and rescue organizations. These websites allow you to filter your search based on location, breed, age, and specific needs. Many free kittens are available for adoption through these platforms, broadening your search beyond local shelters.

Community Bulletin Boards and Social Media

Keep an eye out for community bulletin boards in your local grocery stores, libraries, and laundromats. Often, people post flyers advertising free kittens for adoption. Additionally, local Facebook groups and neighborhood Nextdoor apps frequently have posts from individuals giving away kittens. Be cautious when responding to online ads and always meet in a public place for safety reasons.

Friends, Family, and Neighbors

Ask around your social circle if anyone knows of any free kittens. Word-of-mouth can be a powerful tool for locating kittens in need of a loving home. Friends, family members, or neighbors may have recently had a litter of kittens or know someone who is unable to care for a kitten anymore.

Tips for Finding Free Kittens

  • Be patient and persistent: Finding a free kitten may take some time and effort. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find one right away.
  • Expand your search: Utilize multiple avenues, including local shelters, rescue organizations, online platforms, and community resources.
  • Be prepared: Have a suitable carrier or pet carrier ready to transport the kitten home. Bring toys and treats to make the experience more enjoyable for the kitten.
  • Check for health: Before bringing a kitten home, inquire about its vaccination and health status. Observe the kitten’s behavior and appearance for any signs of illness or discomfort.
  • Prepare your home: Ensure your home is safe and kitten-proofed before bringing it home. Have necessary supplies like food, water bowls, litter box, toys, and a comfortable bed ready.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are free kittens really free?
A: While most free kittens do not cost an adoption fee, there may be a nominal fee to cover the cost of spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and microchipping.

Q: What are the adoption requirements for free kittens?
A: Adoption requirements vary depending on the shelter or organization. Typically, adopters are required to fill out an application, provide references, and demonstrate their ability to provide a loving and responsible home for the kitten.

Q: How can I determine if a free kitten is healthy?
A: Observe the kitten’s behavior, energy levels, and appearance for any signs of illness. A healthy kitten should be active, playful, and have bright eyes and a clean nose.

Q: What supplies do I need for a free kitten?
A: Essential supplies for a kitten include food and water bowls, a litter box and litter, a comfortable bed, toys, and a scratching post.

Q: Can I adopt a free kitten online?
A: Yes, it is possible to adopt a free kitten online through platforms like Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet. However, exercise caution and meet the kitten in person before finalizing the adoption.


Finding free kittens near you in 2020 is a fulfilling and rewarding endeavor. By utilizing the resources and strategies outlined in this guide, you can connect with a furry companion that will bring years of joy and unconditional love into your life. Remember to prioritize the welfare of the kitten, prepare your home accordingly, and embrace the journey of becoming a loving and responsible pet owner.

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