Kittens For Adoption Regina

Kittens For Adoption Regina

Kittens For Adoption Regina

Embracing the Joy: A Comprehensive Guide to Kitten Adoption in Regina

Welcoming a furry bundle of joy into your home is a profoundly rewarding experience. Kittens, in particular, possess an irresistible charm that makes them beloved companions. If you’re considering expanding your family with a feline friend, Regina offers an abundance of opportunities to adopt kittens. This guide will navigate you through the journey of finding, selecting, and caring for your adorable new furry companion.

Finding Kittens for Adoption

Local Shelters:

  • Regina Humane Society: A sanctuary for abandoned and stray cats, the Regina Humane Society relentlessly strives to find loving homes for its feline residents.
  • Pet Valu on Rochdale Boulevard: Collaborating with various rescue organizations, Pet Valu hosts adoption events, showcasing kittens available for forever homes.

Rescue Organizations:

  • Regina Cat Rescue: Dedicated to providing a safe haven for abandoned and stray cats, Regina Cat Rescue meticulously screens potential adopters to ensure the best possible matches.
  • Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation: With a mission to reduce animal euthanasia, Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation compassionately assists cats in need.

Online Platforms:

  • A vast online database, connects animal shelters and rescue organizations with potential adopters, allowing you to browse kittens available in Regina.
  • Kijiji: While not exclusively dedicated to pet adoption, Kijiji often features listings from individuals and organizations rehoming kittens.

Selecting the Perfect Kitten

  • Age: Kittens between 8 and 12 weeks old are ideal for adoption, as they have been weaned and socialized but remain adaptable to new environments.
  • Temperament: Observe the kittens’ behavior to gauge their personality. Consider if they are playful, shy, or affectionate.
  • Health: Request a medical history and ensure the kitten has received necessary vaccinations and deworming treatments.
  • Match: Determine if the kitten’s personality and energy level align with your lifestyle and preferences.

Adopting Your Kitten

  • Application and Screening: Most shelters and rescue organizations require potential adopters to complete an application and undergo a screening process to ensure responsible pet ownership.
  • Adoption Fee: Adoption fees typically cover vaccinations, sterilization, deworming, and a starter kit with essential supplies.
  • Home Inspection: Some shelters may conduct a home inspection to verify that your living environment is suitable for a kitten.
  • Contract: Signing an adoption contract formalizes the adoption and outlines your responsibilities as a pet guardian.

Kitten Care Basics

  • Nutrition: Provide a high-quality kitten-specific diet that meets their nutritional needs.
  • Litter Box Training: Start litter box training immediately by placing the box in a convenient spot and encouraging the kitten to use it.
  • Vaccinations: Ensure your kitten receives the necessary vaccinations to protect against common feline diseases.
  • Sterilization: Sterilizing your kitten prevents unplanned litters and certain health issues.
  • Grooming: Regular brushing and occasional baths will keep your kitten’s coat healthy and shiny.
  • Play and Enrichment: Engage your kitten in interactive play to stimulate their physical and mental development.
  • Health Monitoring: Regularly observe your kitten’s behavior, appetite, and litter box habits. Promptly contact your veterinarian if you notice any changes or concerns.

Benefits of Kitten Adoption

  • Companion: Kittens bring unconditional love, companionship, and entertainment into your life.
  • Stress Relief: Studies have shown that interacting with cats can lower stress levels and promote relaxation.
  • Health Benefits: Owning a kitten can encourage physical activity and provide a sense of responsibility.
  • Community Involvement: Adopting from local shelters or rescue organizations supports these organizations’ efforts to reduce animal euthanasia.
  • Ethical Choice: Choosing to adopt a kitten gives a deserving animal a second chance at a loving home.


Q: What is the cost of adopting a kitten in Regina?
A: Adoption fees typically range from $50 to $200, covering vaccinations, sterilization, and other essential care.

Q: Are kittens available for immediate adoption?
A: The availability of kittens for immediate adoption varies depending on the shelter or rescue organization. Contact them directly for the latest information.

Q: What supplies should I have before bringing my kitten home?
A: Essential supplies include a litter box, litter, food and water bowls, kitten food, a scratching post, and toys.

Q: How old should a kitten be before I bring it home?
A: Kittens should be at least 8 weeks old before being adopted, as they require significant care and socialization during their early stages.

Q: What are the signs of a healthy kitten?
A: A healthy kitten will be active, playful, have bright eyes, a clean coat, and no signs of discharge from the nose or eyes.

Q: Is it possible to adopt two kittens at once?
A: Adopting two kittens simultaneously can be beneficial for their socialization and well-being. However, it’s essential to ensure you have the time and resources to care for multiple pets.


Embarking on the journey of kitten adoption is a fulfilling experience that can bring immense joy and companionship into your life. By diligently researching, selecting, and caring for your new furry companion, you can create a lifelong bond with a cherished member of your family. Remember, adopting a kitten not only grants them a loving home but also contributes to the well-being of the community at large. Welcome your feline friend with open arms and prepare for a lifetime of purring contentment.

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