Lakewood Kitten Rescue

Lakewood Kitten Rescue

Lakewood Kitten Rescue

Lakewood Kitten Rescue: A Haven for Abandoned and Orphaned Felines


Lakewood Kitten Rescue (LKR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of abandoned, orphaned, and stray kittens in the Lakewood, Ohio area. Founded in 2010 by a passionate group of animal lovers, LKR has grown into a vital resource for vulnerable felines, providing comprehensive care, rehabilitation, and adoption services. This article will delve into the mission, services, and impact of Lakewood Kitten Rescue, showcasing its unwavering commitment to feline welfare.

Mission Statement

Lakewood Kitten Rescue’s mission is to provide a safe haven for abandoned and orphaned kittens, nurture their growth and well-being, and facilitate their adoption into loving forever homes. The organization believes that every kitten deserves a chance to thrive in a safe and loving environment, and it strives to create a compassionate community where animals are cherished and respected.


Lakewood Kitten Rescue offers a wide range of essential services to support the care and well-being of kittens in need:

  • Rescue and Intake: LKR operates a 24/7 hotline for reporting abandoned or orphaned kittens. The organization swiftly responds to rescue calls and provides immediate medical attention and shelter for the kittens.
  • Medical Care: LKR has a dedicated veterinary team that provides comprehensive medical care to kittens, including vaccinations, deworming, spay/neuter surgeries, and treatment for any illnesses or injuries.
  • Foster Care: LKR relies on a network of dedicated foster families who provide loving and nurturing care to kittens while they await adoption. Foster homes provide kittens with socialization, playtime, and a safe environment to thrive.
  • Adoption Program: LKR’s adoption program connects kittens with suitable forever homes. The organization conducts thorough screening processes to ensure that potential adopters provide responsible and loving care for the kittens.
  • Public Education: LKR actively promotes responsible pet ownership and kitten care through outreach programs and educational materials. The organization educates the public about the importance of spaying and neutering, vaccinations, and providing proper nutrition and enrichment for kittens.


Since its inception, Lakewood Kitten Rescue has made a profound impact on the lives of countless kittens in the Lakewood area. The organization has:

  • Rescued and Cared for Thousands of Kittens: LKR has rescued over 5,000 kittens from abandonment, neglect, or abuse. The organization provides immediate care and support, giving these vulnerable animals a second chance at a healthy and happy life.
  • Facilitated Hundreds of Adoptions: LKR has successfully facilitated the adoption of over 1,000 kittens into loving forever homes. The organization carefully matches kittens with compatible families, ensuring that they find their perfect match and receive the love and care they deserve.
  • Promoted Responsible Pet Ownership: LKR’s educational programs have raised awareness about responsible pet ownership and kitten care in the community. The organization has helped prevent unwanted litters, improve kitten health, and promote a compassionate attitude towards animals.


The impact of Lakewood Kitten Rescue is evident in the countless stories of kittens who have found their forever homes through the organization’s efforts:

  • "We adopted our kitten from LKR last year, and she has brought so much joy to our family. She is a playful and affectionate companion who loves to cuddle and explore." – Mary Smith, LKR adopter

  • "I am so grateful to Lakewood Kitten Rescue for rescuing my kitten. She was found abandoned in a park, and LKR provided her with the medical care and foster care she needed to thrive." – John Doe, LKR adopter

  • "I am a foster parent for LKR, and I have seen firsthand the difference the organization makes in the lives of kittens. The love and care they provide for these vulnerable animals is truly inspiring." – Jane Doe, LKR foster parent

Support and Involvement

Lakewood Kitten Rescue relies on the support of the community to continue its vital work. There are numerous ways to get involved and make a difference:

  • Volunteer: LKR welcomes volunteers to assist with kitten care, foster parenting, adoption events, and more.
  • Donate: Financial donations are essential for LKR to provide medical care, supplies, and shelter for the kittens.
  • Attend Events: LKR hosts regular adoption events and fundraising activities where the public can learn more about the organization and meet adoptable kittens.
  • Spread the Word: Raise awareness about LKR by sharing the organization’s mission and services on social media and with friends and family.


Q: How do I report an abandoned or orphaned kitten?
A: Call LKR’s 24/7 hotline at (216) 521-1134.

Q: What is the adoption process like?
A: LKR conducts thorough screening processes to ensure that potential adopters provide responsible and loving care. The process involves filling out an application,

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