Meows Kitty Kat Rescue

Meows Kitty Kat Rescue

Meows Kitty Kat Rescue

Meows Kitty Kat Rescue: A Haven for Feline Friends in Need


In the bustling realm of animal welfare, Meows Kitty Kat Rescue stands as a beacon of hope for countless abandoned, neglected, and abused felines. This compassionate organization has dedicated itself to providing a lifeline for these vulnerable creatures, offering sanctuary, medical care, and a path to finding loving forever homes.

Our Mission and History

Meows Kitty Kat Rescue was founded in 2005 by a group of dedicated animal lovers who recognized the desperate need for a dedicated feline rescue in their community. Led by the unwavering belief that every cat deserves a chance at a happy and fulfilling life, they established a humble shelter with a modest intake capacity.

Over the years, through the tireless efforts of volunteers, foster families, and community support, Meows Kitty Kat Rescue has grown exponentially. It now operates a state-of-the-art shelter that houses over 200 cats and kittens at any given time. The organization has forged partnerships with local animal control agencies, veterinarians, and other animal welfare organizations to ensure a comprehensive approach to feline care and adoption.

Our Services

Meows Kitty Kat Rescue offers a wide range of essential services to cats in need:

  • Intake and Assessment: Stray, abandoned, and surrendered cats are taken into our shelter, where they undergo a thorough medical examination and behavior assessment. This helps us determine the best course of care and placement for each individual feline.
  • Veterinary Care: We provide comprehensive veterinary care to all our cats, including vaccinations, spaying and neutering, parasite control, and treatment for any medical conditions. Our team of experienced veterinarians ensures the well-being and longevity of our feline residents.
  • Socialization and Enrichment: Cats in our shelter receive daily socialization and enrichment activities to promote their physical, mental, and emotional health. This includes playtime with interactive toys, gentle handling, and exposure to a variety of stimuli.
  • Adoption Services: Meows Kitty Kat Rescue is committed to finding loving and responsible forever homes for all our cats. We thoroughly screen potential adopters and provide ongoing support and resources to ensure a successful adoption experience.
  • Foster Care Program: For cats who require specialized care or a quieter environment, we offer a foster care program. Our dedicated foster families provide temporary homes for kittens, seniors, and cats with special needs.

Our Impact

Since its inception, Meows Kitty Kat Rescue has made a profound impact on the lives of countless felines and their families. To date, the organization has:

  • Rescued and rehomed over 10,000 cats and kittens
  • Provided life-saving veterinary care to thousands of needy animals
  • Educated the community about responsible pet ownership and the importance of spaying and neutering
  • Raised awareness about the plight of abandoned and abused animals

Support and Involvement

The ongoing success of Meows Kitty Kat Rescue relies on the unwavering support of the community. We are deeply grateful for the contributions of our generous donors, dedicated volunteers, and passionate animal advocates.

  • Volunteer Opportunities: We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, including animal care, adoption counseling, fundraising, and administrative support.
  • Donations: Financial contributions are essential for our operations. Donations can be made online, by mail, or in person.
  • In-Kind Donations: We gratefully accept donations of food, litter, toys, cleaning supplies, and other items needed to care for our cats.
  • Community Outreach: We engage in community outreach programs to educate the public about pet adoption, responsible pet ownership, and the importance of animal welfare.


Q: What areas do you serve?

A: We primarily serve the [city or region] area, but we will consider adopting cats to responsible homes outside of our immediate service area on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What are your adoption fees?

A: Our adoption fees vary depending on the age and medical needs of the cat. However, our fees typically cover the cost of spaying or neutering, vaccinations, deworming, and a microchip.

Q: Do you accept walk-ins for cat adoption?

A: We do not accept walk-ins at our shelter. Instead, we require potential adopters to complete an online adoption application and schedule an appointment to meet the cats.

Q: What if I can’t adopt a cat but still want to help?

A: There are many ways to support Meows Kitty Kat Rescue without adopting a cat. You can volunteer your time, make a financial donation, or donate needed supplies.

Q: How can I report an abandoned or stray cat?

A: Please contact your local animal control agency or Meows Kitty Kat Rescue. We will work together to assess the situation and provide assistance as needed.


Meows Kitty Kat Rescue is a beacon of hope for cats in need. Through our unwavering commitment to rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these deserving animals. With the ongoing support of our community, we will continue to provide a lifeline for cats in distress and create a world where every feline has the opportunity to experience the love and companionship they deserve.

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